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FAPS - Federation of Portuguese Associations in Sweden


FAPS is the organization that brings together Portuguese associations in Sweden and was founded in January 1980. At that time, there were approx. 3.000 Portuguese in Sweden and there were 10 associations. All, with the exception of Casa Portuguesa, joined the Portuguese Federation. Today there are approx. 2.500 Portuguese in Sweden and 5 associations.



On the morning of January 27, 1980, Filipe Faria and Manuel Machado from Malmö left Stockholm Central Station. For the people of southern Europe and also for the southern Swedes, it was terribly cold. A bit later, coming from a hotel, they met Helder Bastos and Mário Soeiro from Gothenburg. The four of them, freezing cold, continued walking towards the street that is now named  Olof Palme street. Once at the Lusitânia location, they met Alberto Ramos and Arnaldo Pires from Gustavsberg. Then they waited and finally came António Afonso and Salgueiro members of Lusitânia APE.


a) Unite the activities of Portuguese associations in Sweden and promote initiatives aimed at the prosperity and cultural development of immigrants.


b) Promote the defense of the civil and social rights that immigrants guarantee in the Constitution of Sweden, in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and in other norms of Swedish, Portuguese and international law.


c) Contribute to ensuring equality and solidarity, both with Swedes and immigrants of other nationalities, adapting and integrating immigrants into Swedish daily life within the framework of mutual respect and the opportunity to preserve different languages and cultures.


(d) Contribute to closer relations with Portuguese emigrants from other countries within the framework of unity and mutual assistance and to consolidate progress towards common interests.


e) Defend the linguistic and cultural interests of Portuguese children and parents within the framework of the Swedish school system, guaranteeing them the teaching of Portuguese language and culture in order to promote bilingualism and bicultural identity.


f) Defend the economic, social, religious and legal rights of Portuguese immigrants before Portuguese, Swedish and international authorities.

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ASSOCIATIONS: Casa Portuguesa in Malmö | Centro Familiar in Gothenburg |  Lusitânia APE | União dos Portugueses in Gothenburg

Ung FAPS | FAPS Mulheres

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