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Sweden beats Czechia

on the way to the Qatar World Cup

March 26, 2022


Sweden has passed the first stage to reach the World Cup in Qatar.

49,000 spectators attended the match between Sweden and Czechia at the Friends stadium in Stockholm.

In the 110th minute, Robin Qualon scored the decisive goal that sealed the Swedish victory by 1-0.

The next stage will take place this Tuesday, when Sweden face Poland in Chorzów

The 'Blues and Yellows' will then be able to count again on Emil Krafth and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who were out for disciplinary punishment.

►Göteborgs-Posten | https://www.gp.se/sport/fotboll/sverige-sl%C3%A5r-tjeckien-robin-quaison-stor-hj%C3%A4lte-1.68603635

►The Ball | https://www.abola.pt/Nnh/Noticias/Ver/933607

►Record | https://www.record.pt/internacional/competicoes-de-selecoes/mundial/mundial-2022/detalhe/ibra-nao-tira-o-sono-aos-polacos?ref=Mundial_DestaquesPrincipais


The Swedish national football team

March 26, 2022


The Sweden national football team ( Svenska fotbollslandslaget ) – popularly known as ”the blue and yellow” ( Blågult ) - represents the  Sweden  in the competitions of  soccer  gives  International Football Federation ( FIFA ).

Its national arena is the stadium  Friends Arena  in  Solna , situated north of the capital  Stockholm .


For the matches against Czechia and Poland, the following are called up:


Goalkeeper - Robin Olsen, Kristoffer Nordfeldt, Andreas Linde


Defenders - Martin Olsson, Victor Nilsson Lindelöf, Ludwig Augustinsson, Pierre Bengtsson, Emil Krafth, Filip Helander, Marcus Danielson, Joakim Nilsson, Carl Starfelt, Daniel Sundgren


Midfielders - Emil Forsberg, , Albin Ekdal, Viktor Claesson, Kristoffer Olsson, Mattias Svanberg, Jesper Karlsson, Jesper Karlström


Forwards - Zlatan Ibrahimović, Robin Qualon, Alexander Isak, Dejan Kulusevski, Branimir Hrgota, Anthony Elanga

Student kills two female teachers in Malmö

March 23, 2022


This Monday, a student killed two female teachers at the Malmö Latinskola secondary school, located in the southern Swedish city of Malmö.


The boy is 18 years old and is a student at the school. The attack on the victims was made with a bladed weapon, probably a knife and an axe. There is no known criminal record on the attacker. In the interrogation carried out by the police, the young man admitted to having committed the crime, confessed the reason and revealed the planning of this deadly aggression.

According to the police, there is no evidence of racism or religious extremism.


The teachers were around 50 years old. An expression of sympathy and appreciation for the two teachers was held outside the school, with the presence of former and current students of the educational establishment.


►8 SIDOR | https://8sidor.se/sverige/2022/03/sorg-i-malmo/

►Sydsvenska Dagbladet | https://www.sydsvenskan.se/2022-03-22/18-aringen-erkanner-dubbelmord-och-anger-motiv

►SIC News | https://sicnoticias.pt/mundo/ataque-a-uma-escola-na-suecia-causa-dois-mortos/

►Correio da Manhã | https://www.cm-tv.pt/atualidade/detalhe/20220322-1818-jovem-mata-duas-professoras-a-facada-numa-escola-secundaria-na-suecia?ref=SaberMais_BlocoSaberMais




Malmö is Sweden's third city.

It is located in the extreme south of the country, on the shores of the Öresund Strait, opposite the city of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

It has 350 000 inhabitants

It is a port and industrial city, linked to Copenhagen by the Öresund bridge.


►Sweden National Institute of Statistics

| https://www.scb.se/hitta-statistik/statistik-efter-amne/befolkning/befolkningens-sammansattning/befolkningsstatistik/pong/tabell-och-diagram/topplistor-kommuner/folkmangd-topp-50/

►Infopedia | https://www.infopedia.pt/apoio/artigos/$malmo?uri=lingua-portuguesa/almo

Sweden sends humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine

March 6, 2022


Sweden will assist Ukraine with humanitarian aid and military equipment, thus breaking with its tradition of not sending weapons to a country in armed conflict.


In addition to a donation of 500 million crowns, anti-tank grenades, bulletproof vests, helmets and combat rations worth 400 million crowns will be offered.


This attitude is seen as a sign of abandoning “peacetime non-alignment” ( alliansfrihet ). The other Swedish diplomatic component – “neutrality in case of conflict” ( neutralitet ) – had already been abolished by the Swedish parliament ( Riksdagen ) in 1992.



►Dagens Nyheter | https://www.dn.se/varlden/grafik-rysslands-invasion-av-ukraina-2022/

►The Reference | https://areferencia.com/europa/suecia-rompe-tradicao-e-anuncia-o-envio-de-armamento-a-ucrania/

►Swedish Parliament | https://www.riksdagen.se/sv/webb-tv/video/motion/sverige-och-militara-allianser_GL02U407

4 Russian military planes violate Swedish airspace

March 3, 2022


At the time when Sweden and Finland were conducting a joint military exercise – air and naval – four Russian military planes violated Swedish airspace.

The incident was monitored by the Swedish General Staff when 4 Russian aircraft - 2 fighters and 2 bombers - entered about 1 km inside the air perimeter of the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea.


Peter Hultqvist, Swedish defense minister, considers this violation unacceptable and announces a firm diplomatic response.

Michael Claesson, Chief Operating Officer of the Swedish Armed Forces, suspects that this action is an attempt by Russia to scare Sweden into supporting Ukraine.

Magdalena Andersson, the Swedish prime minister, considered that the threat level to Sweden has increased lately and that the country's defensive capacity needs to be strengthened.


►Göteborgs-Posten | https://www.gp.se/nyheter/sverige/ryska-stridsflygplan-har-kr%C3%A4nkt-svenskt-luftrum-1.67037278

►TTELA | https://www.ttela.se/nyheter/sverige/svensk-finl%C3%A4ndsk-milit%C3%A4r%C3%B6vning-i-%C3%B6stersj%C3%B6n-1.67033836

►Observer | https://observador.pt/2022/03/02/russia-invade-espaco-aereo-sueco-com-quatro-cacas-suecia-promete-resposta-diplomatica-firme/

Sweden rejects threat of reprisals from Russia

February 26, 2022

A spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs threatened Sweden and Finland with “serious political and military consequences” if these countries joined NATO.

Sweden's prime minister rejected the threat and declared that Sweden's decision to join NATO "is solely up to the country and not to Russia".

The commander-in-chief of the Swedish armed forces pointed out that Sweden has a close collaboration with NATO, and the prime minister stressed that the country is not considering joining NATO at the moment.  

► Nyheter Dagens | https://www.dn.se/sverige/ryssland-maste-svara-om-sverige-gar-med-i-nato/  
► Government Chancellery | https://www.regeringen.se/pressmeddelanden/2022/01/kommentar-fran-statsminister-magdalena-andersson-till-det-sakerhetspolitiska-laget/
► Observer | https://observador.pt/2022/02/25/finlandia-e-suecia-na-mira-de-putin-russia-ameaca-com-serias-repercussoes-militares-se-paises-aderirem-a-nato/
► Express | https://expresso.pt/internacional/russia-tomara-medidas-caso-a-finlandia-ea-suecia-integrem-a-nato/


The National Public Health Authority

February 24, 2022

The National Public Health Authority ( Folkhälsomyndigheten ) is a Swedish government agency under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.  ( Socialdepartment ). Its counterpart in Portugal is the Directorate-General for Health.

It is dedicated to having the responsibility to support Swedish society, aiming to promote the health of the inhabitants, prevent health problems, and protect society against dangers and threats to public health.

It is based in the cities of Solna and Östersund, and has around 500 employees, half of whom are dedicated to the prevention of communicable diseases and the other half to public health measures at the national level.

It actively cooperates with the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Among its directors are Karin Tegmark Wisell (Director General) and Anders Tegnell (Chief Epidemiologist).


► Folkhälsomyndigheten | https://www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/om-folkhalsomyndigheten/

► Folkhälsomyndigheten | https://www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/om-folkhalsomyndigheten/vart-uppdrag/

Sweden recommends fourth dose for people over 80

February 22, 2022

The National Public Health Authority ( Folkhälsomyndigheten ) recommends that the fourth dose of the vaccine against covid-19 be given to those over 80 years old, as well as to other elderly people who live in special homes for the elderly ( SÄBO ) or who live in their own home. and receive general assistance ( hemtjänst ) or medical care ( hemsjukvård ). 

►National Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten) | https://www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/nyheter-och-press/nyhetsarkiv/2022/februari/andra-pafyllnadsdos-vaccin-mot-covid-19-rekommenderas-till-personer-som-ar-80-ar-och- alre/
►Aftonbladet | https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/a/3Jgxj9/senaste-nytt-om-coronaviruset
►News Diary | https://www.dn.pt/internacional/suecia-recomenda-quarta-dose-da-vacina-para-maiores-de-80-anos-14587055.html

February 9 - Sweden lifts restrictions

February 3, 2022


At a press conference, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, Minister of Health Lena Hallengren and Director of the National Public Health Authority Karin Tegmark Wisell announced the end of restrictions as of Wednesday, February 9.

They also pointed out that the pandemic is not over yet and that a few restrictions remain in place.


After 2 years of the covid pandemic - tormenting Sweden - the time has come to ease these restrictions and rules imposed or recommended.

With the restrictions gone, people can live together again:


  • They can have meals together and have parties.

  • You can go to the restaurant.

  • You don't need a mask on public transport.

  • They can go to stores, without limitations.

  • They can go to sporting events again.



This lifting of restrictions is motivated by the fact that most of those infected do not have serious illness or die.

However, there are still a few recommendations in place:


  • People should get the vaccine if they haven't already.

  • People should stay home if they feel sick.

  • Those who are not vaccinated must maintain physical distance.



8 sidor | https://8sidor.se/sverige/2022/02/sverige-tar-bort-reglerna/

GöteborgsPosten | https://www.gp.se/nyheter/sverige/rekommendationerna-som-ligger-kvar-efter-9-februari-1.65097751

Experts think Sweden is close to immunity

January 29, 2022

Tom Britton, a mathematician who studies the Covid epidemic, believes that herd immunity ( flockimmunitet ) will be reached soon, perhaps within a week or two, when the contagion curves start to decline.

Another expert, epidemiologist Joakim Dillner, believes that within a week or two, Sweden will reach the peak of infections, by which time the country will have acquired population immunity ( befolkningsimmunitet ).  

The term herd immunity ( flockimmunitet ) has created quite a stir during the epidemic, and the National Public Health Authority ( Folkhälsomyndigheten ) avoids the term. Britta Björkholm, the agency's section chief, estimates that population immunity ( immunitet i befolkningen ) will happen within a week or so, when the contagion curves begin to decline.

►Dagens Nyheter | https://www.dn.se/sverige/experter-vi-ar-nara-flockimmunitet/



Sweden says no to vaccine between 5 and 11 years old

January 27, 2022

Britta Björkholm - section head of the National Public Health Authority ( Folkhälsomyndigheten ) - announced at a press conference that the Swedish General Health Directorate does not recommend general vaccination of children between 5 and 11 years old. The reason is the assessment that the usefulness of the vaccine does not outweigh the risks, as children rarely have serious disease.


Later in the message, it was highlighted that, as before, children who have other diseases are recommended to take the vaccine to avoid serious respiratory infections.

And even further ahead, Britta Björkholm stressed that the decision can be changed if there is new knowledge about covid-19.

►Dagens Nyheter | https://www.dn.se/sverige/fhm-ingen-vaccination-for-barn-mellan-5-och-11-ar/

Sweden strengthens its military presence in the face of a possible Russian threat

January 15, 2022

On Friday, January 14, 2022, Sweden sent military assets to reinforce the defense of the island of Gotland.

About 100 soldiers and about 30 vehicles were deployed to improve the island's defense.

The move was motivated by the heightened tension in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and also due to the presence of Russian landing ships in the Baltic Sea.

In this context, Sweden rejects any pressure from Russia trying to restrict the country's military sovereignty in its option to collaborate with NATO, while not wanting to be part of the alliance.


The island of Gotland is located in the Baltic Sea, about 90 km from the Swedish coast and about 350 km from the Russian territory of Kaliningrad.

The island's defense is based on the Gotland armored regiment (''Gotlands regemente''), and also on long-range anti-aircraft missiles.

►Göteborgs-Posten | https://www.gp.se/nyheter/v%C3%A4rlden/stor-styrka-till-gotland-f%C3%B6rsvarets-insatschef-vi-anpassar-beredskapen-1.63700357

►News Diary | https://www.dn.pt/internacional/suecia-envia-tanques-para-patrulhar-ilha-do-baltico-devido-a-tensoes-com-a-russia-14493327.html



The Swedish Prime Minister is infected with Covid-19

January 14, 2022

After a large meeting of parliament this week, several politicians tested positive for Covid-19.

Among them are Magdalena Andersson (prime minister), Annie Lööf (leader of the Center Party) and Per Bolund (one of the spokespersons for the Green Party).

According to the National Public Health Authority (''Folkhälsomyndigheten''), 25,000 new infections were recorded on Wednesday of this week in Sweden.



►8 sidor | https://8sidor.se/sverige/2022/01/statsministern-ar-smittad/

►Dagens Nyheter | https://www.dn.se/sverige/statsminister-magdalena-andersson-covidsmittad/



COVID-19 - End of restrictions in Sweden on September 29

September 28, 2021


The restrictions motivated by covid-19 end on September 29 for vaccinated people.

From this day onwards, restrictions on public and private gatherings, as well as visits to restaurants and nightclubs, are no longer recommended. Remote work is also put aside.

Only unvaccinated people continue to live with some restrictions: keep physical distance, avoid gatherings, and avoid contact with the elderly and people from risk groups.

►Göteborgs-Posten | https://www.gp.se/nyheter/sverige/det-h%C3%A4r-f%C3%A5r-du-g%C3%B6ra-i-dag-1.55966496

►Dagens Nyheter | https://www.dn.se/varlden/restriktioner-kvar-i-stora-delar-av-europa-nar-sverige-oppnar/

Church of Sweden elections 2021

September 25, 2021

Ecclesiastical elections in Sweden in 2021 were held on 19 September 2021 to elect the local, regional and national leaders of the Church of Sweden in the 4-year period between 2021 and 2025.

The 5.8 million members of the Swedish church, aged over 16, were able to hand in their ballot papers, and choose from among the 15 electoral groups that participated in the event – including 4 political parties.

17% of voters with the right to vote participated in these elections. The preliminary result of the elections to the Assembly of the Church of Sweden ( Kyrkomötet ) is as follows:

1. Social Democratic Party (Socialdemokraterna) 27%

2. POSK – Political Independents (Partipolitiskt obundna i Svenska kyrkan) 19%

3. Center Party (Centerpartiet) 11%

4. Bourgeois Alternative (Borgerligt alternativ) 8%

5. Swedish Democratic Party (Sverigedemokraterna) 7%

6. Left (Vänstern i Svenska Kyrkan) 7%

►Church of Sweden | Kyrkovalet - demokrati i kyrkan (Ecclesiastical elections – church democracy) | http://www.svenskakyrkan.se/kyrkoval/

►Church of Sweden | Om kyrkovalet (On ecclesiastical elections) | https://www.svenskakyrkan.se/kyrkoval/om-kyrkovalet


The Church of Sweden ( Svenska kyrkan ) is a Protestant church of the Lutheran confession.


He abandoned the dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church, and adhered to the postulates of the Protestant Reformation by decision of the Swedish bishops in the city of Västerås in the year 1527.


Until 1999 it was a state church ( statskyrka ), subordinate to the Government of Sweden. In 2000 it became autonomous in relation to the state, although regulated by the Law of the Church of Sweden (SFS 1998:1591), by which it must follow the Evangelical-Lutheran faith, be democratic and cover the entire territory of Sweden.



COVID-19: Vaccination of children between 12 and 15 years old

September 19, 2021



On September 16, the National Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten) announced the decision to recommend vaccinating children between the ages of 12 and 15 as a protective measure against Covid-19.



►Folkhälsomyndigheten | https://www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/nyheter-och-press/nyhetsarkiv/2021/september/allman-vaccination-mot-covid-19-fran-12-ar/#:~:text=Folkh%C3%A4lsomyndigheten% 20har%20beslutat%20att%20rekommendera,kan%20f%C3%A5%20skydd%20mot%20sjukdomen



Covid-19: End of restrictions on September 29

September 10, 2021



Chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell announces the lifting of restrictions on September 29, 2021. But he adds that certain recommendations will remain in place for people over 16 who are not vaccinated.


Tegnell emphasizes that vaccination will continue, given that there are still many people without vaccine, especially in the 30-39 age group and among young people with an immigrant background.

At this time, 82% of people over 16 years old have already received a dose of the vaccine, and 71% already have the complete vaccination.



Recommendations to reduce contagions


• Keep your distance to others

• Work from home if possible

• Wash your hands frequently with soap and water

• Stay home if you are sick

• Take a corona test if you are sick



►Aftonbladet | https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/a/G30vxl/sarskilda-rekommendationer-for-Aftonbladetovaccinerade

►SVT Text | https://www.svt.se/text-tv/106

►8 sidor | https://8sidor.se/sverige/2021/02/nya-rad-om-corona/



COVID-19: Teachers union wants 12-year-olds vaccinated

August 16, 2021



The teachers union ”Lärarnas Riksförbund” considers that children from the age of 12 should be vaccinated against Covid. In his view, even if these children rarely have serious illness, they can be a vehicle for transmitting the same disease. On the contrary, the National Public Health Authority (''Folkhälsomyndigheten''), does not consider that there is any reason to vaccinate this age group because the risk of illness is lower.





* The National Public Health Authority ( Folkhälsomyndigheten ) is a Swedish government agency dedicated to promoting the health of inhabitants, preventing health problems, and protecting society from dangers and threats to public health. It has a special responsibility for protecting against communicable diseases and coordinating measures at the national level.


* Teachers in Sweden are fundamentally organized into two unions: the Teachers' Federation ( Lärarförbundet ) and the National Teachers' Federation ( Lärarnas Riksförbund ).



►SVT Text | Lärarfack: Vaccinera 12-åringar | https://www.svt.se/text-tv/107

►Göteborgs-Posten | Stoppa smittan – vaccinera även yngre elever | https://www.gp.se/debatt/stoppa-smittan-vaccinera-%C3%A4ven-yngre-elever-1.52835431



Norway limits travel from Sweden

August 14, 2021


Norway introduces restrictions on travelers coming from Värmland and Västerbotten counties in Sweden. These two regions are classified as red. Anyone who does not have the full vaccination or has not had corona in the last 6 months is required to be tested and quarantined.





* Värmland county is situated in central Sweden and located next to the Norwegian border.


* Västerbotten County is located in Northern Sweden, by the Baltic Sea.



►SVT Text | Norge begränsar resort till regioner | https://www.svt.se/text-tv/106



Shooting in Linkoping

August 5, 2021



A shooting in the Swedish city of Linköping left two young men seriously injured.

The incident took place at 7 pm on Thursday, August 5th in the center of Berga, a suburb in the south of the city.

Police say they know the two teenagers and their connections to criminal gangs.

There were many people in the area and the police have collected many testimonies.


Linköping is Sweden's 8th largest city; it is situated 200 km southwest of Stockholm; has 115 000 inhabitants.

►Expressen | https://www.expressen.se/nyheter/skottlossning-i-linkoping-sj5rl/

►Aftonbladet |https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/a/x41WAX/tva-skadade-i-skottlossning

►SVT Text| https://www.svt.se/text-tv/105



COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden - October 2020

October 28, 2020



As of October 27, 2020, Sweden had 115,785 confirmed cases, with a total number of 2683 admitted to intensive care and 5918 deaths.


The first case of coronavirus in Sweden was confirmed on January 31, 2020. The patient was a woman in her 20s who had returned to Sweden on January 24, after having been in the Chinese city of Wuhan, considered the epicenter of the outbreak. new coronavirus. She was placed in isolation at Jönköping hospital in stable condition. She was declared cured on March 3.


The origin of the epidemic in Sweden was initially attributed to Italy. In June, Karin Tegmark Wisell of the National Public Health Authority (''Folkhälsomyndigheten'') corrected this data, stating that the origin of this epidemic was not only in Italy but also in Great Britain, France, the Netherlands and the United States, among others. .


The National Public Health Authority (''Folkhälsomyndigheten'') is the government agency responsible for protecting against this contagious disease, and coordinating measures at the national level. One of its responsibilities is the active tracing of contacts made by people identified as having the disease. In its work, it actively cooperates with the European Union and the World Health Organization (''WHO'').


The hardest hit region to this day is Stockholm, followed by Västra Götaland. Some distance away are Scania, Jönköping, Uppsala, Östergötland and Örebro.



►Folkhälsomyndigheten (''National Public Health Authority'') | https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/09f821667ce64bf7be6f9f87457ed9aa

►European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Stockholm) | https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/publications-data/download-todays-data-geographic-distribution-covid-19-cases-worldwide

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►Göteborgs-Posten | https://www.gp.se/nyheter/sverige/s%C3%A5-kom-coronaviruset-in-i-sverige-1.29377862

►Folkhälsomyndigheten (''National Public Health Authority'') | https://www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/om-folkhalsomyndigheten/

►Folkhälsomyndigheten (''National Public Health Authority'') | 4 https://www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/om-folkhalsomyndigheten/vart-uppdrag/

►Folkhälsomyndigheten (''National Public Health Authority'') | https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/09f821667ce64bf7be6f9f87457ed9aa



50% of the Swedish population vaccinated - July 2021

July 30, 2021



Half of Sweden's adult population is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, the National Public Health Authority ( Folkhälsomyndigheten ) announced on July 29, 2021.


Emma Spak, from the Association of Communes and Regions ("SKR"), also emphasizes the joy she has that more than 80% of people over 65 have received the full vaccine.

For his part, Matti Sällberg, a researcher at the Karolinska Institute, points out that if everything continues as it has been, by September or October there will be 70-80% complete vaccines, and herd immunity will thus be attained.



►Göteborgs-Posten | https://www.gp.se/nyheter/sverige/fhm-varannan-vuxen-svensk-nu-fullvaccinerad-1.52021791


Portugal the orange in the corona

June 7, 2020



The daily newspaper GöteborgsPosten refers to the German institute “Robert Koch institut” to report that Sweden is the European country most affected at the moment by the covid-19 pandemic – marked in red.


Next up are the United Kingdom and Portugal – marked in orange. And then comes the rest of Europe - marked in yellow.


The basis of this classification is the “number of newly infected people in relation to the population (cases per 100 000 inhabitants cumulatively in the last seven days).


Sweden's foreign ministry clarified by email that it noted the red marking, but that it means nothing to Sweden as the country recommends that no unnecessary travel to all countries in the world be made until 15 July.



►GöteborgsPosten | https://www.gp.se/nyheter/sverige/sverige-lyser-r%C3%B6tt-p%C3%A5-tysklands-coronakarta-1.28916576

►Robert Koch-Institut | https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Quarantaene_Einreisen_Deutschland.html

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